Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Funday

I love board games! As an only child I didn't get to play often, but now that I have three tadpoles this is going to be a tradition in our family. So tonight Friday Funday is Board game night. We are going to make home style popcorn. NOT THAT MICROWAVE Stuff. Below is a video from youtube that I used for popping instructions:

Since I have tadpoles from 2 to 9 we will play a variety of games. Starting with a Barrell of Monkeys for Tadpole # 3.

Next we will play Hulk Operation which is Tadpole #2's choice.

Monopoly Jr. is the last game we will play if the time permits. Tadpole #1 loves the regular version of Monopoly but the other Tadpoles don't have the attention span. So this is a great compromise for everyone. Well gotta run, the boys are waiting and the pop corn in popping! Have a great Friday.

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