Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Funday

Tonight my family and I are jamming to the tunes and doing a soul train line. We are getting our workout on and having a great time. As I get ready to boogie on down the line have a great Friday bloggers!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday's Princess Pamper Principle

As busy business owners, employees, wives, mothers, "go-to girls", daughters, sisters, friends, super women, we often forget to take time out for ourselves to relax, de-stress, and rebuild. This week's Pamper Principle focuses on a list of things that I enjoy doing to unwind and some relaxation techniques to try in your quest to de-stress.

My favorite things to unwind:
1. Reading a frivolous chicklit book
2. Listening to jazz, classical or "quiet storm" music
3. Knitting
4. Taking a long walk
5. Soaking in a luxurious bubble bath in a candle lit bathroom
6. Baking
7. Watching romantic comedies
8. Taking a nap
9. Going to the lake
10. Going window shopping

Relaxation Techniques-St. Joseph's University Counseling and Personal Development Center

Whole Body Tension

Tense everything in your whole body; stay with that tension, and hold it as long as you can without feeling pain. Slowly release the tension and very gradually feel it leave your body. Repeat three times.

Visual Imagery

Open your imagination and focus on your breathing. As your breathing becomes calm and regular, imagine that the air comes to you as a cloud - it fills you and goes out. You may imagine the cloud to be a particular color.

Eye Fixation

With your head level and your body relaxed, pick a spot to focus on (eyes are open at this point). When ready, count five breaths backward. With each breath allow your eyes to close gradually. When you get to number one, your eyes will be closed. Focus on the feelings of relaxation.

Counting Ten Breaths Backwards

Allow yourself to feel passive and indifferent, counting each breath slowly from ten to one. With each count, allow yourself to feel heavier and more relaxed. With each exhale, allow the tension to leave your body.

Shoulder Shrug

Try to raise your shoulders up to your eyes. Hold for the count of four. Now drop your shoulders back to a normal position. Repeat three times.

Shoulder Rotation

Rotate your shoulders back, down and around, first one way, then the other. Do one shoulder, then the other. Now do both at the same time. Note: This is also good for back, arms, and neck.

Cat Stretch

Stand - feet slightly apart. Take a deep breath as you stretch arms over head. Slowly exhale as you lean forward, bringing arm and head down. Do slowly and gently five times.

Now take two of these and get a good nights rest Superwomen!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Funday

I love board games! As an only child I didn't get to play often, but now that I have three tadpoles this is going to be a tradition in our family. So tonight Friday Funday is Board game night. We are going to make home style popcorn. NOT THAT MICROWAVE Stuff. Below is a video from youtube that I used for popping instructions:

Since I have tadpoles from 2 to 9 we will play a variety of games. Starting with a Barrell of Monkeys for Tadpole # 3.

Next we will play Hulk Operation which is Tadpole #2's choice.

Monopoly Jr. is the last game we will play if the time permits. Tadpole #1 loves the regular version of Monopoly but the other Tadpoles don't have the attention span. So this is a great compromise for everyone. Well gotta run, the boys are waiting and the pop corn in popping! Have a great Friday.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday's Princess Pamper Principle

I can't imagine anything more wonderful than a book in my lap and my feet soaking in some soapy, bubbly warm water. Last Mother's Day, the Frog and the Tadpoles gave me a foot spa.

For a mom who is on the go all the time, child this is the next best thing to CHOCOLATE!

So this week's pamper principle is dedicated to luxurious home pedicures.

What You Need:

* Polish Remover & Cotton Pads
* Nail Clippers & File
* Nail/Cuticle Nipper
* Cuticle Pusher
* Pumice Stone & Exfoliating Scrub
* Moisturizer
* Nail Polish

For a French Pedicure::

1. Cut your nails straight and smooth them out with a nail file. The square nail with a rounded edge is perfect for a French pedicure.

2. Be sure to remove your old polish with a nail polish remover, and not acetone.

3. Soak your feet in a tub of warm water to which you can add bath salts, sweet almond oil or olive oil. Consider adding Epsom salts to clean and disinfect your feet. Add aromatic oils for soothing and a relaxing if you want a true spa feel. I recommend soaking for at least 20 mins or more just because it feels so good!

4. Use a foot scrubber or a pumice stone to exfoliate and remove dead skin from the heel. Add a dollop of exfoliating scrub on to the scrubber or pumice stone and it will help soften as well as exfoliate.

5. Clean and push back the cuticles with a cuticle oil or cream.

6. Dry your feet and apply a moisturizing cream. Massage your feet and calves while doing so for a relaxing effect. Do not forget to rub between toes and on the toenails as well.

7. Remove all traces of oil or cream before you start applying nail polish. Use a toe separator for easy application.

8. Apply a sheer pink, natural or peach nail varnish on the entire nail. This is the first step of the French pedicure.

9. I would recommend purchasing a French pedicure kit, this will come with nail guides, which can be put on the nail for easy application. Stick it on along the natural nail line.

10. Paint the exposed nail tip with a matte white nail polish. Do not worry about going over the edge; this can be cleaned at the end by dipping a Q-tip in nail polish remover.

11. After the nail polish has dried completely, remove the nail guide.

12. Seal the nail color with a clear topcoat.

Now you are ready to go-go again on your beautiful soothed feet!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Funday

Getting ready for the middle tadpole's birthday tomorrow. He is excited. We don't do big parties - just a family thing. It's less stressful and we can really let it be the birthday person's day. So for him, I am playing his favorite song- Let's Groove, planning his favorite food- spaghetti and spinach,and purchasing a vanilla cake for him.

Tonight's Friday Funday will be to play Wii- Bowling with the tadpoles.

Hope everyone has a fun friday!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday's Princess Pamper Principle

I love the way my hands look right after I have a manicure! However, with little tadpoles my hands stay in some sort of detergent which wrecks a manicure quickly. So I wanted to do something at home that I can maintain with out a large outlay of cash every week. So this week's Princess Pampering session will focus on home made manicures:

Necessary Equipment

* A mid-sized bowl
* Cotton balls or pads
* Cuticle (a.k.a. orange) stick
* Cuticle cream
* Hand cream
* Nail clippers
* Nail file
* Nail polish: base, color, top coat
* Nail polish remover
* Paper Towel
* Soap
* Towel
* Warm water

Basic Steps
1. Use clippers and a nail file to shape nails. When you file, don't saw back and forth -- it can weaken nails. Instead, start at one edge and move across the top in one fluid motion. I found that if you soak your hand in warm water and a little Palmolive liquid detergent, it really makes the cuticles soft. Soak your hands in the liquid for at least 5 minutes.

2. Dry your hands with a clean towel, then place a paper towel on your table and rest them on top of it.

3. Put a dot each of cuticle cream or sweet almond oil and rub it in. Cuticle cutting is a no-no -- it can lead to infection. Instead, use a cuticle stick to gently push back cuticles.

4. When you're finished, rinse yours hands in the warm soapy water and pat dry, then apply a moisturizing hand cream. Let it absorb for about five minutes before wiping away the excess. Then swipe each nail with a cotton ball soaked in polish remover to get rid of cream on the nail so polish can adhere.

5. Apply a base coat to each nail and let it dry for at least two minutes.

6. Then paint two coats of nail color, waiting one full minute between coats. You should be able to cover each nail with three strokes -- one on each side, one down the middle. If you get polish on the skin, don't worry; just wait until everything is dry and use a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to remove the excess.

7. When the polish has dried, apply a top coat.

Below is also a video describing a home manicure.

Take some time to enjoy and pamper yourself with a manicure today!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Young Tadpole Resembles the Frog

Ok, I recognize I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I also understand that it just may be something that can't be fixed. So while I was in the bathroom fussing why won't my hair cooperate, my middle tadpole came in and joined in my conversation with myself:

Me: Man I just don't understand why my hair has to have a mind of its own.
Tadpole: Hair doesn't have a mind mommy. Why do you fuss at your hair so much.
Me: It won't cooperate.
Tadpole: Too bad you are not a superhero cuz you could fix that.
Me: How
Tadpole: Well a superhero has power to make things cooperate
Me: Oh then I need to know how to be a superhero
Tadpole: Yep let me know when that happens. Until then ask daddy how to fix your hair cuz he fixes everything. He exits the bathroom.

Me: I stick my tongue out and start mumbling again.

Morale of this story: They start early doling out advice on how to fix things.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Home Training & Compassion

I must say that the story about the family being detained from getting to the bedside of their dying relative by the Dallas Police Officer has truly sadden me. What does this have to say about human compassion. When you boil this down to its lowest layers caring about your fellow man is really what matters. This police officer was so hung up on his power and authority that he could not for one moment understand and sympathize with the family's urgency and situation over a technicality of the law.

Since the police officer has only been with the force for three years, it makes me wonder if his experiences have desensitized him such that it was the only way he could act or did he ever really care about people in the first place. How hard would it have been to think with his heart and say go be with your mother-in-law and we will visit this traffic violation when you return. He had the gentleman's license plate number.

Well, I say it is very hard to do that if you aren't raised to think that way and I am not talking about thinking that way about people you have an emotional attachment to. This means caring about people in general regardless of their race, color, sex, social economic status, etc. That is a trait that becomes a part of you when it is taught at the beginning of childhood. We have so many activist groups shouting out when they feel the environment, an animal or some inanimate object has been wronged. What happened to feeling that way when it comes to dealing with our fellow human beings.

My heart broke and tears streamed down my face as I listened to that young man plead with the police officer to let him go be with his wife and mother-in-law. He was courteous, never once argued about the silliness of it all, and most importantly never once mentioned he was a professional football player. Now that was home-training. Ultimately, what mattered was he was losing a loved one, he needed to be there to support his wife and his priority was his family's well-being. That is something that is ingrained in a person's character and is usually acquired through good home training. The police officer truly does not posses this quality because he forgot the basics of his oath to serve and protect. He neither served nor protected that family. Instead he harassed, aggravated and caused them to miss a significant moment in their lives that will never be returned.

As I focus on raising my three male tadpoles, I am focusing on instilling the qualities of compassion, caring, kindness, understanding, consideration, thoughtfulness and overall concern for their fellow human being. The interview GMA did with Ryan & Tamisha Moats sums it up beautifully on how well both were raised by their parents. I can only hope I do as well.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Please Participate in Earth Hour

What is Earth Hour? Earth Hour is 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm (local time) Saturday, March 28, 2009. During this hour, people around the globe will turn out their non-essential lighting in what will be the largest climate event in history. This is just a very small step towards saving our climate. If each individual takes an active part in looking for ways to conserve energy, help with global warming and looking for ways to protect our earth's resources this can truly be a better place for our children to grow up.

I plan to do the following with my family during earth hour:

1. Eat dinner with a bouquet of flashlights and candles for ambiance
2. Read books by flashlight
3. Make shadow puppets on a blank wall
4. Let the children record their favorite jokes on a recorder
5. Draw by flashlights

Hope everyone has a family fun filled hour!

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Tadpoles Friday FunDay!

Tadpoles Friday FunDay consists of a movie and homemade food. So this week we are doing:

Lion King
Fruit and Fruit Dip

Fruit Dip Recipes:

Peppermint Dip
• 1/3 cup crushed peppermint candy
• 2 cups Cool Whip
• additional crushed peppermint candies
Mixed Spice Dip
• 1/4 cup brown sugar, firmly packed
• 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
• 1 dash nutmeg
• 2 cups Cool Whip
Candy Sprinkle Dip
• 2 cups Cool Whip
• colored sprinkles
1. For peppermint dip, fold in the ingredients and top with crushed peppermint. Serve with sliced apples.
3. For Spice Dip combine all the spices with the two cups of Cool Whip, serve with plain cookies and sliced apples.
4. For Sprinkles Dip Put Cool Whip in small bowl and garnish top with colored sprinkles. Serve with strawberries,or bananas.

Our Pizzas will consist of Boboli pizza crust because those things are ingenious and the following toppings:
- Turkey Pepperoni,
- Mushrooms,
- Turkey Italian Sausage,
- Tomatoes,
- Spinach
- Cheese
- Red Onions
- Jalapenos
- Pineapple

The littlest tadpole loves cheese and pineapple pizza, so I know that will be his choice. Not sure what the other two will do but I know it will be colorful. As I become more camera savvy I'll capture and post pictures of the Tadpoles Friday FunDay.

So I am wishing everyone a Hakuna Matata weekend!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

I am so excited about this new series that HBO is bringing out because it is an combination of one of my favorite people and one of my favorite books.

HBO will air starting on Sunday March 29th at 8PM, "The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency". The show is based on a series of books written by Alexander McCall Smith. A really interesting fact is that it is the first major film/tv project to be filmed entirely on location in Botswana. The main character, Precious Ramotswe opens her country's only female-owned detective agency so that she can fulfill her need to help people. She is accompanied by her trusty high strung friend and secretary Grace Makutsi. In this series she will investigate a variety of cases ranging from helping townspeople solve mysteries in their lives to philandering husbands and con-artists.

Here are the cast of characters:
Precious Ramotswe played by Jill Scott
Grace Makutsi played by Anika Noni Rose
JLB Matekoni played by Lucian Msamati
BK played by Desmond Dube

I have only read the first book but now I am going to read the rest of the series. Here is the list in case you are wondering:

1. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (Book 1)
2. Tears of the Giraffe
3. Morality for Beautiful Girls
4. The Kalahari Typing School for Men
5. The Full Cupboard of Life
6. In the Company of Cheerful Ladies
7. Blue Shoes and Happiness
8. The Good Husband of Zebra Drive
9. The Miracle at Speedy Motors
10. Tea Time for the Traditionally Built

I am looking forward to this new series because I think Jill Scott is a great actress and the story is well written with a sprinkling of humor, life lessons, and old time mystery solving. In my opinion Jill Scott does her characters so well it makes me want to have her as a friend. I also think Anika Noni Rose will make a great side kick. So I plan to watch this on Sunday, please join me if you'd like.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Partying at the Ultimate Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

I am having a ball at the Ultimate Blog Party so far! Being a new blogger, this has been a great experience for me. I have met so many new people and had the opportunity to read some really cool blogs! I am late on getting into the blogging game but I am glad I have and found out about this really awesome party!

Wednesday's Princess Pamper Principle

Wednesday from this point forward for me will be the official Princess' pamper day.

One of my all time favorite books is "Home Made Love" by J. California Cooper. It is a beautifully written book of short stories focused on love- plain and simple. I love home made love because it comes from the heart and is a great gift to give and receive!

So for this week I am going to focus on home made facials.

Here are some basic ingredients and their purpose:

Oranges, Lemons, Pineapple: brightens and exfoliates the skin and purifies the pores. Provides a dose of pure vitamin C. Pineapple is the strongest- It is a potent source of enzymes that soften the skin and is a natural astringent.

Yogurt: softens, hydrates, and has many enzymes that exfoliate the skin; cleanser; bleach.

Coconut Milk: the lactic acid smooths out the skin.

Rose Water: gently balances and tones.

Olive oil: known for its great effects on the skin. The best for dry skin.

Avocado: moisturizes and is a good source of vitamin E and natural oils.

Milk: contains lactic acid which nourishes without stripping the skin of essential oils; refines pores; soothes all skin types; cools sunburn.

Aloe gel: an ageless remedy for burns.

Honey: a natural, gently astringent yet extremely moisturizing; refines pores; tightens skin; retards wrinkles; anti-blemish.

Chamomile: tones all types of complexions.

Oatmeal: soothes; heals; relieves itching.

Cucumber: reduces under-eye puffiness; reduces wrinkles.

Egg: conditions; whites best for normal and oily skin; yolks for dry to normal skin

Nuts: used in scrubs to refine pores and combat wrinkles, blackheads and dryness.

Tomato: unclogs pores.

Vinegar: refines pores; cleans; softens; aids blemishes, itchy skin, and sunburn.

Witch Hazel: reduces eye puffiness; deodorant.

Below are two facial mask recipes and a general face cleanser

Chocolate Facial Mask

This decadent mask is actually an excellent moisturizer -- it leaves your skin baby soft. Recommended for normal skin.

1/3 cup cocoa powder
3 tbsp. heavy cream
2 tsp. cottage cheese
¼ cup honey
3 tsp. oatmeal

Mix all ingredients together (a bullet blender is ideal) and smooth onto face. Relax for ten 10 minutes, then wash off with warm water.


2 Tbsp. honey
2 Tbsp. milk

Mix honey and milk together; smooth on face. Leave on for 15 minutes and


Combine 1/4 cup honey, 1 tablespoon liquid soap, 1/2 cup glycerin in a small bowl until fully blended. Pour into a clean plastic bottle. Pour onto clean face sponge or soft cloth and gently rub onto face, wash away with warm water and pat face dry.

If anyone has a homemade facial they want to add please feel free to do so in the comments, cuz a princess can never have enough home made love!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why I Love The Frog

I love the Frog just cuz. Well let me put this in context. When The Frog and I went through pre-martial counseling umpteen years ago, the minister asked him, "Why do you love the Princess"? He said, "I just do". Nothing more nothing less. In my mind I said, "What the heck kind of crazy behind answer is that"?!! Well 14 years later I really understand the "I just do" because of the following:

1. He trekked over 1,500 miles back east to live in a hot as hell state because I needed to
2. He sat through 3 natural births for over 35 hours of labor, the first one being 20
3. He kissed me and those babies with all the love and care a proud papa could
4. He changed more diapers, walked more floors and did more night duty than I thought could be imaginable
5. He moved out of our home so that we could move in with my mom to take care of her when she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer
6. He took her weekly to her chemo and radiation treatments when I had to go back to work and could no longer do it
7. He made her laugh when no one else could and fried her fish every time she wanted it because that's all she would eat
8. He cried like a baby with me when she passed and understood my loss like no one else could
9. He made me laugh for months after the passing of my mom when no one else could
10. He makes me feel beautiful and loved when no one else can
11. He loves me unconditionally and has no problem telling me
12. He loves his tadpoles with love that was never shown to him as a kid growing up in the foster care system
13. Finally me and the tadpoles are the center of his universe and he tells everyone this whenever he can

So when the media says that divorce is up and married love is out, I can witness to the fact that it is just the hype they want to keep going. Just like my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, fellow bloggers and co-workers, we are showing love, doing love and being in love for our children.

To the Frog, I love you more than words will ever express and I now really understand "I just do"….

Monday, March 23, 2009


As a little girl, Cinderella and Snow White were my only examples of what it was like to be a princess. Well now that is about to change because of the movie Walt Disney Pictures will release later this year, "The Princess and the Frog". Princess Tiana will join the rank of beautiful princesses. Although I am in my 40s I am estatic! Princess Tiana, played by Anika Noni Rose, is beautiful, well spoken and kind as demonstrated in the official teaser.

Now let me tell you why this was an inspiration for my blog. Each and every day I am immersed in things "Frog" and "Tadpole". Football, Star Wars, Pokemon, Legos, action figures, Spiderman, Batman, and every shoot'em up bang bang movie you can imagine enter my world. Well things are about to change now... all because of this movie. The Princess is going to emerge with the same pomp and circumstance as a beautiful Mardi Gras parade in the heart of Louisiana. I intend to tell the tadpoles, "Look a Princess who looks like mommy!" That legitimizes the whole thing you know. We will see this movie, tadpoles and the Frog accompanying me joyously. Delusional you say... I know, but they are going to be coerced to go.

My Frog and tadpoles while they out number me are going to have the opportunity to be immersed in a few things " Princess". I see a few tea parties, girl movies, more chocolate, shopping, spa days,... Ok I've gotten carried away, one Princess can't pull that off in a house of tadpoles and a Frog, but I can sneak in a tea party, some chocolate and an occasional girl movie. So check out Walt Disney's "The Princess and The Frog" at and get ready for another cool Princess movie like I am.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm Blogging Baby!!

After much nudging, encouragement, and shaming I have joined the world of blogging. I wondered would I have anything interesting to write daily. Then I realized with a Frog and 3 Tadpoles darn skippy I have something to write. Now we just have to see how interesting will it be. So as a newbie wish me luck and I hope I provide some reading enjoyment and a little smile for someone besides myself!