Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday's Princess Pamper Principle

I can't imagine anything more wonderful than a book in my lap and my feet soaking in some soapy, bubbly warm water. Last Mother's Day, the Frog and the Tadpoles gave me a foot spa.

For a mom who is on the go all the time, child this is the next best thing to CHOCOLATE!

So this week's pamper principle is dedicated to luxurious home pedicures.

What You Need:

* Polish Remover & Cotton Pads
* Nail Clippers & File
* Nail/Cuticle Nipper
* Cuticle Pusher
* Pumice Stone & Exfoliating Scrub
* Moisturizer
* Nail Polish

For a French Pedicure::

1. Cut your nails straight and smooth them out with a nail file. The square nail with a rounded edge is perfect for a French pedicure.

2. Be sure to remove your old polish with a nail polish remover, and not acetone.

3. Soak your feet in a tub of warm water to which you can add bath salts, sweet almond oil or olive oil. Consider adding Epsom salts to clean and disinfect your feet. Add aromatic oils for soothing and a relaxing if you want a true spa feel. I recommend soaking for at least 20 mins or more just because it feels so good!

4. Use a foot scrubber or a pumice stone to exfoliate and remove dead skin from the heel. Add a dollop of exfoliating scrub on to the scrubber or pumice stone and it will help soften as well as exfoliate.

5. Clean and push back the cuticles with a cuticle oil or cream.

6. Dry your feet and apply a moisturizing cream. Massage your feet and calves while doing so for a relaxing effect. Do not forget to rub between toes and on the toenails as well.

7. Remove all traces of oil or cream before you start applying nail polish. Use a toe separator for easy application.

8. Apply a sheer pink, natural or peach nail varnish on the entire nail. This is the first step of the French pedicure.

9. I would recommend purchasing a French pedicure kit, this will come with nail guides, which can be put on the nail for easy application. Stick it on along the natural nail line.

10. Paint the exposed nail tip with a matte white nail polish. Do not worry about going over the edge; this can be cleaned at the end by dipping a Q-tip in nail polish remover.

11. After the nail polish has dried completely, remove the nail guide.

12. Seal the nail color with a clear topcoat.

Now you are ready to go-go again on your beautiful soothed feet!


  1. I like this post! Pedicures are so soothing, and if someone else is doing it for you, you can eat chocolate at the same time! Talk about Nirvana!!

  2. Thanks Execumama! I so agree with the eating chocolate and someone else doing the pedicure Nirvana statement. :)