Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why I Love The Frog

I love the Frog just cuz. Well let me put this in context. When The Frog and I went through pre-martial counseling umpteen years ago, the minister asked him, "Why do you love the Princess"? He said, "I just do". Nothing more nothing less. In my mind I said, "What the heck kind of crazy behind answer is that"?!! Well 14 years later I really understand the "I just do" because of the following:

1. He trekked over 1,500 miles back east to live in a hot as hell state because I needed to
2. He sat through 3 natural births for over 35 hours of labor, the first one being 20
3. He kissed me and those babies with all the love and care a proud papa could
4. He changed more diapers, walked more floors and did more night duty than I thought could be imaginable
5. He moved out of our home so that we could move in with my mom to take care of her when she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer
6. He took her weekly to her chemo and radiation treatments when I had to go back to work and could no longer do it
7. He made her laugh when no one else could and fried her fish every time she wanted it because that's all she would eat
8. He cried like a baby with me when she passed and understood my loss like no one else could
9. He made me laugh for months after the passing of my mom when no one else could
10. He makes me feel beautiful and loved when no one else can
11. He loves me unconditionally and has no problem telling me
12. He loves his tadpoles with love that was never shown to him as a kid growing up in the foster care system
13. Finally me and the tadpoles are the center of his universe and he tells everyone this whenever he can

So when the media says that divorce is up and married love is out, I can witness to the fact that it is just the hype they want to keep going. Just like my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, fellow bloggers and co-workers, we are showing love, doing love and being in love for our children.

To the Frog, I love you more than words will ever express and I now really understand "I just do"….

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